I18N-ISSUE-70: Support multiple family names [Contacts API]

I18N-ISSUE-70: Support multiple family names [Contacts API]


Raised by: Koji Ishii
On product: Contacts API

Section 4.4 ContactName

WG Approved: Yes

In a number of cultures, multiple family names can appear in an individual's name. See, for example [1]. Because there is only one familyName field, it is unclear how to support multiple family names. For example, in some cultures, the family name appears in the middle of the name string: the well-known writer "Gabriel García Márquez" has two familial names--"García" and "Márquez". The former name is considered his surname.

Please provide guidance on handling multiple family names.

[1] http://www.w3.org/International/questions/qa-personal-names

Received on Monday, 4 July 2011 19:59:06 UTC