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When I look at, all
of the items in boxes are not linewrapped, forcing horizontal scrolling to
read (a pain).

>From a quick glance.

A "normalizing operation" is one whose results are normalization sensitive
and which fully-normalizes the text on which it operates.

That doesn't make sense. If I fully normalize a string that I operate on,
then I won't be normalization-sensitive.

Also, the following looks bogus:

A text-processing component that receives suspect text MUST NOT perform any
normalizing operations unless it has first either confirmed through
inspection that the text is in normalized form or it has re-normalized the
text itself.
There are plenty of circumstances where normalizing operations are
performed. For example, the internals of collation require normalizing the
text. So if I take a document, and present the fields in sorted order to a
user, I'm breaking this recommendation.

I'm sure that that is not what is meant, but it is what it means. What is
the intent of this clause?


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