Re: New article draft: Personal names around the world

Hi Martin,

Thanks for your suggestions.

On 30/05/2011 02:54, "Martin J. Dürst" wrote:
> Hello Richard,
> Just a few comments:
> Background
> "People who create web forms, databases, or ontologies in
> English-speaking countries are often unaware how different people’s
> names can be in other countries."
> Why is this specific to English-speaking countries? It can easily happen
> in any country. In some places, people may be aware of two or three
> (rather than just one) convention, but they'll still just miss most of
> the others.

Thanks. Missed that. Was text from the original blog post, where i did 
call out English-speaking developers in particular.

> "Don't forget to allow people to use hyphens, apostrophes, etc. in
> names. Don't require names to be entered in upper case - this can be
> difficult on a mobile device.": These two advices don't seem to be
> related, better to take them apart. Re. upper case, why would anybody
> want to force that? What exactly does it mean: All upper case, or just
> partially upper case? All upper case is a bad idea because casing is
> often part of the name.

Both of these are based on comments Timbl made to me this year while we 
were travelling.  I added 'all' before 'upper case'.

 > Also, you should probably say something about
> prefixes and suffixes (de,... in French, von in German, jr. in the US,...).

I added "Allow the user to enter a name with spaces, eg. to support 
prefixes and suffixes such as de in French, von in German, and Jnr. in 
American names.".

> "ask the user to submit their name": to avoid gender complications
> without being ungrammatical, why not "ask the users to submit their names"

It is grammatical English in the version that I speak.

> "Name (in your alphabet)" doesn't work for scripts that are not alphabets.

True in a strict sense. Can you think of a better way to put it for the 
general user?

> "Herr Doktor Profesor Schmidt" would sound weird, "Herr Professor Doktor
> Schmidt" is correct.

Fixed. Thanks.


> Regards, Martin.
> On 2011/05/29 19:54, Richard Ishida wrote:
>> Folks,
>> A while back we agreed in a telecon that it would be a good idea to
>> convert my blog post on personal names to a w3c article. In my free time
>> this weekend I have produced a first draft (that extends the blog
>> post) at
>> Please take a look at it with a view to whether we should send for wide
>> review at this point.
>> Thanks,
>> RI
>> PS: Addison, can we agenda+ this for the next meeting?

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