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--- Comment #26 from Eliot Graff <eliotgra@microsoft.com> 2011-04-07 21:11:40 UTC ---
Per the comments on this bug, I've amended Section 7.2 to now read:

7.2 Language Attributes

When specifying the language mapping of an element, polyglot markup uses both
the lang and xml:lang attributes. Neither attribute is to be used without the
other, and polyglot markup maintains identical values for both lang and

Polyglot markup uses the language attributes in the html element to set the
default language for the document overtly. Although HTML5 sets the language of
the root element via a fallback language mechanism, this mechanism is not
required to work in XML.

HTML5 activates the fallback language mechanism whenever the root element lacks
language attributes. For the mechanism to actually set a fallback language,
however, it has to locate either an http-equiv="Content-Language" declaration
on the meta element or an HTTP Content-Language: header, either of whose
content value is no more and no less than exactly one language tag. Note that
although the mechanism can locate either the meta element or the header, the
meta element is considered first. For more information about determining
language in HTML5, see the language determination rules. [HTML5]. 

I believe that this satisfies all of the comments in this bug, so I am once
more going to resolve it as FIXED.

Thank you all for your continued vigilance and support on this and the rest of
the spec. I truly appreciate your help.


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