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> We second Martin's comments at
> .

So do we, and we've therefore attempted to address them.

> The term URI appears to mean URI and *not* IRI universally here.

That was not the intention. Hopefully it is clearer now.

> No non-ASCII paths are given in examples and the relationship to IRI  
> is not specified.

I've changed them to use non-ASCII paths.

> The Packaging and Configuration spec mentions encodings and permits  
> the full range of Unicode in file names, so the lack of specificity  
> is at least an oversight. I suspect that, depending on the use of  
> the URI, they really do mean IRI here, though. Packaging and  
> Configuration strongly suggests the use of the UTF-8 encoding for  
> Zip relative paths and human-readable (native encoded) URIs would be  
> more in keeping with the usability desires of web-apps.

That is entirely correct, hopefully it's better now.


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