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Hello Addison.

Thanks for your review.  I've addressed all these comments.


Richard Ishida
Internationalization Lead
W3C (World Wide Web Consortium)

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> Hi Richard,
> First off, excellent work!! Thank you for preparing this document.
> A few very minor comments follow:
> 1. The title can't seem to decide if it is titlecase or not. In particular, the "Left-
> to-right" looks quite odd.
> 2. This sentence in the intro is a runon:
> f you have struggled with this or have yet to start, this tutorial should help
> you adopt the best approach to marking up your content, and explain
> enough of how the bidirectional algorithm works that you will understand
> much better the root causes of most of your problems.
> 3. I concur with Felix's comment on "ISO script tag", except that you should
> really use the term 'subtag' such as: "Even if a script subtag is used in the
> language attribute value, this..."
> Addison
> Addison Phillips
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> It is an architecture.

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