RE: Transition Request for publication of XML 1.0 Fifth Edition as REC

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> The Internationalization WG is extremely happy to see the publication of
> XML1.0 Fifth Edition and supports this request.
> This document clears away a long-standing problem with the use of newer
> Unicode characters in elements, attributes and so forth. This limitation

You need to say element and attribute *names*.  I think people will pull you up about that otherwise. Add id values - that's an important use case.  'and so forth' sounds a little lame ;-), maybe say something like: "..Unicode characters in such things as element and attribute names, and id values."

> represented a barrier for users of characters encoded after Unicode 2.0 (tens
> of thousands of characters have been encoded since then to reach current
> Unicode version 5.1), including speakers of many languages---not minority
> languages, in many cases---as well as users of specific characters encoded
> later and necessary to languages/scripts previously encoded.
> This update also fixes the reference to BCP 47 (so that it does not become
> stale).
> These changes will, in our opinion, not harm interoperability and will ease
> implementation. We look forward to its advancement to REQ.



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