Re: comment: upgrading to Unicode

Hi Andrew,

As this topic is saying that encoding in UTF-8 does not significantly 
increase the size of the page, I think it is reasonable to point out the 
fact that some legacy encodings need multiple bytes to encode a 
character anyway, and to not mention rendering or layout issues.


Andrew Cunningham wrote:
> On Wed, October 29, 2008 5:06 am, Dan Chiba wrote:
>> These would be more accurate if revised to:
>> "In addition, many legacy encodings for complex scripts are already
>> multibyte, eg, Chinese."
> I'd probably avoid mentioning complex scripts here. Would complicate
> things. Esp since in horizontal mode, Chinese doesn't require complex
> rendering or text layout. It is would more likely be treated as complex
> script in vertical mode.
> Most complex script legacy encodings that I've worked with are not
> multibyte encodings. Whether you are looking at South-East Asia, South
> Asia or Central Asia most legacy encodings 8-bit encodings.

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