Re: [SVGMobile12] Lack of BIDI 'direction' (ISSUE-2058)

Hi, fantasai-

fantasai wrote (on 9/17/08 7:51 PM):
> There's discussion in about
> bidirectional text, but there is no definition for a 'direction' property
> that I can find, nor any mention of any substitute for it (such as a 'dir'
> attribute).
> This is a problem because the Unicode bidirectional algorithm needs a
> base direction for each "paragraph" that it operates on. For plain text
> it guesses based on the first character in the text, but this is not
> always accurate. Applying this rule to SVG Tiny would be incompatible
> with an implementation that supported SVG Tiny plus the 'direction'
> property because 'direction' defaults to 'ltr', not to 'guess a direction'.
> The lack of a 'direction' affects both bidi reordering and other properties
> like 'text-align', whose values' behavior depends on 'direction'.
> I therefore strongly recommend that SVG Tiny include the 'direction'
> property.

Thanks for your suggestion.  We agree with you and the I18N WG, and have
added both 'direction' and 'unicode-bidi' properties. [1]

Please let us know if this satisfies your comment.



Received on Tuesday, 28 October 2008 12:42:38 UTC