Re: meta content-language

Phillips, Addison wrote:
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> The main beneficiaries of good markup in the short term would be the 
> page authors themselves, since authoring tools interact with stuff like 
> spell- and grammar-checking that are strongly language influenced. And 
> tools makers might very well provide better automagic tagging if they 
> could improve their own features based on embedded tags.
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Spell-checking indeed comes to mind. If I open this:

     <p lang="en">This text is in English.</p>
     <p lang="de">Dieser Text ist auf Deutsch.</p>

in IE, so "select all" and paste it into an empty MS Word document, Word 
indeed understands which spell checker to use for the different paragraphs.

BR, Julian

Received on Saturday, 16 August 2008 09:35:26 UTC