Re: I18n comment: inheritance of :lang and |=

Ian Hickson wrote:
> I've added the example from the CSS 2.1 spec (which is even more 
> explicit). Let me know if that's ok or not:
>   The difference between :lang(C) and the '|=' operator is that the '|=' 
>   operator only performs a comparison against a given attribute on the 
>   element, while the :lang(C) pseudo-class uses the UA's knowledge of the 
>   document's semantics to perform the comparison.
>   In this HTML example, only the BODY matches [lang|=fr] (because it has a 
>   LANG attribute) but both the BODY and the P match :lang(fr) (because 
>   both are in French).
>   <body lang=fr>
>     <p>Je suis fran&ccedil;ais.</p>
>   </body>

s/both are/both are declared to be/;

Since being in French and being declared, via HTML syntax, to be in French
are two different things. The paragraph in

   <body lang=fr>
     <p>I am not French.</p>

would still match :lang(fr). :)


Received on Tuesday, 14 March 2006 01:42:26 UTC