Re: [CDR Framework] i18n comment: Language identification for child documents

Hi Mark,

Thank you for the follow up. Sorry that I cannot give you a reply yet. We  
have an i18n core call on Tuesday, and after that the group / I will come  
back to you.



On Sat, 04 Feb 2006 01:26:44 +0900, Mark Baker <> wrote:

> Felix - the WG hasn't discussed the details of your response to our
> message, but I think I can respond to it while staying in scope of
> what we did decide, more or less ...
> On 1/31/06, Felix Sasaki <> wrote:
>> The i18n core working group still disagrees with your reply.
>> We have a scenario in mind with an XHTML document which contains an SVG
>> image. If it is external, the language information does not apply  
>> anymore.
>> Our concern is: what should happen if there is no "authoritative
>> metadata"? We agree with the explanation you gave us, but would like to
>> have a scenario for the case without "authoritative metadata", but with
>> document internal data.
> But "document internal data" can include authoritative metadata (e.g.  
> xml:lang).
> So if you mean a case where a document with an xml:lang CDR-references
> a document with its own xml:lang, I think the semantics are pretty
> clear.  But if you mean a document with an xml:lang CDR-referencing
> another document without an xml:lang or other authoritative indication
> of language, then I think you're left with heuristics as Bjoern
> pointed out.
> Cheers,
> Mark.

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