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Sujet: Agenda for the 1 March 2006 W3C Technical Plenary Day.  Please 
register  and reserve hotel room.
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Dear Chairs,
[please forward this to all Group participants]
AC Representatives, TAG and AB,

The Technical Plenary Program Committee* has prepared a near-final 
agenda for the Technical Plenary Day (Wednesday 1 March) which we hope 
you will find stimulating ...

- http://www.w3.org/2006/03/01-TechPlenAgenda.html

Included in the agenda are the following sessions:

- My Data, Your Data, The Web's Data: Challenges of Data Ownership
- Microformats
- SQL, XQuery and SPARQL: What's Wrong with this Picture?
- The Grid: What is the Grid and Why Does it Matter to W3C?
- Adventures in Formal Methods
- Rich Web Application Backplane
... plus the ever popular "Lightning Talks" sessions
(details within the program will be updated throughout the first half of 

For those still undecided about whether or not to attend, this agenda 
should help you to make a final decision.

Two other requests for those who will attend any of the TP Week events [1]:

1. Please register as soon as possible ...

- http://www.w3.org/2002/09/wbs/35125/TP2006/

... so that we can have accurate information for planning.  The 
registration deadline is 23:59 ET time on 17 February 2006  (4:59 UTC 18 

2. Please reserve your room at the meeting hotel -- the four start 
Sofitel Cannes Mandelieu Royal Casino [2] on the Côte d Azur. The 
special room rate expires on 6 February.

- http://www.w3.org/2005/12/allgroupoverview.html#Venue

Send questions and comments regarding registration to 

We look forward to seeing you amongst the close to 300 members of the 
W3C community who are anticipated to converge in beautiful 
Cannes-Mandelieu, France for W3C's Technical Plenary Week.

Best Regards, on behalf of the Program Committee* ...


[1] http://www.w3.org/2005/12/allgroupoverview.html

* 2006 Technical Plenary Program Committee:
Al Gilman, Protocols and Formats WG Chair
Kevin Kelly (IBM) Compound Document Formats WG Chair, XForms WG
Mark Nottingham (BEA) Web Services Addressing WG Chair
Amit Sheth (Semagix) Advisory Committee Representative
Susie Stephens (Oracle) Health Care and Life Sciences IG
Rachel Yager (Financial Services Technology Consortium)
Yves Lafon (W3C) Web Services Choreography, XML Schema Patters for 
Databinding and XML Protocol WGs; Semantic Web Services IG Team Contact
Susan Lesch (W3C) Communications Team
Danny Weitzner (W3C) Technology and Society Domain Leader, Patent and 
Standards IG Co-Chair
Steve Bratt (W3C) Chief Executive Officer, Technical Plenary Day Program 
Committee Chair

Steven R Bratt, Chief Executive Officer     mailto:steve@w3.org
World Wide Web Consortium   http://www.w3.org/
MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
The Stata Center / Building 32-G522 / 32 Vassar Street
Cambridge, MA 02139, USA / tel: +1.617.253.7697 / fax: +1.617.258.5999

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