Re: mapping of XML names into programming language

Hi Paul,

Thanks for your reply. I think I understand your problem now better,  
although I don't know an ad hoc solution yet. Today we will have an i18n  
core call, where we will address the problem, so we should be able to come  
back to you tomorrow.


On Tue, 31 Jan 2006 15:41:36 +0900, <> wrote:

> Hi Felix,
>> I am not yet sure if I understand your problem.
>> Do you want to be able to map something like
>> <nihon>... (written with Japanese characters ??) into
>> <nihon> ... (written with latin characters only)?
>> This is the mapping from Kanji to Romaji you are mentioning below.
>> Unfortunately this works only with a lexicon and on a per language  
>> basis.
> OK, understood.
>> It is also not reversible, e.g. "nihon" can be mapped to ?? or ???or
>> others.
> understood. (curse my web mail, btw)
>> This kind of mapping is something I guess you don't want for your
>> tasks.
>> Currently, the names in XML Schema are defined at
>> as
>> NCName   ::=  (Letter | '_') (NCNameChar)*
>> I guess what you need is a mapping of "Letter" and "NCNameChar" to a
>> subset of these character ranges, which fits programming language
>> requirements. Is that right?
> Exactly! Please note we're not expecting to find anything
> definitive here, but would welcome hearing about existing
> works in this area we could possibly reference.
>> Then the next question would be if you have
>> the need in your scenario to go back to the original XML name. If the
>> answer is "yes", you will have the same ambiguity as with the mapping  
>> from
>> "nihon" to "??" (or "??").
> That might not be required, since a databinding could hold a map
> for 'decoding' and resolve clashes by adding a prefix or a suffix,
> nihon1, nihon2, etc.
>> If you could give more details on your requirements, me and the i18n  
>> core
>> working group will take a closer look at possible solutions.
> thanks!
> Paul

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