Re: Ligatures and caret position

Mark Davis a écrit :
> Agreed. Grapheme clusters should be treated as a single unit, whether or
> not they result in a displayed ligature. So the only issue is what
> happens when a series of grapheme clusters (such as f + i) form a ligature.


> So within ligatures the best I could
> suggest would be to leave it up to the OS.

Or, more generally, to the implementation (which may of course use the 
underlying OS).  I think (personal opinion) the SVG Tiny spec should 
provide guidance (e.g. by pointing to Charmod and Unicode) but should 
not place normative constraints on editing ligatures.  It would be sad 
if an OS came up with a novel, wonderful and intuitive way to edit 
ligatures in a given language, but SVG implementations were prevented 
from using it by some language in the spec that didn't foresee it.  As 
Mark says, this is tricky, and furthermore it doesn't seem to involve 
interoperability of SVG implementations.


Received on Wednesday, 2 November 2005 22:02:10 UTC