Re: Comments from the I18N Core WG on XLink 1.1

Hello Norm,

>> 10 Appendix C
>> The hrefTypein the XML Schema and the href.att pattern in the RELAX NG
>> schema are defined in terms of xs:anyURI. Please add a note that
>> anyURI in its current version does not support the escaping rules of
>> RFC 3987.
> Hmm. I thought that was addressed in the XML Schema definition of  
> xs:anyURI.

We discussed this at the i18n core call this week. Would you mind to add a  
health warning to the spec, in a note like this:

xs:anyURI defines a mapping from xs:anyURI values to URIs via an URI  
reference escaping
procedure. In the current version of XML Schema 2, this procedure is  
defined in terms of
XLink 1.0, and does not reply on the escaping procedure from RFC 3987  
(IRI, sec. 3.1).
Hence, relying on xs:anyURI might generate escaped URIs which are  
different from IRI
based escaped URIs.



Received on Thursday, 27 October 2005 04:29:13 UTC