Next Unicode Conference

The Unicode Consortium is revamping the Unicode conferences, starting
with the upcoming one in March. We have a new conference provider (OMG),
and plan to provide for much more useful and informative presentations,
and better venues for technical networking. For those of you involved in
areas that would be of interest to others, whether it is the latest in
data mining or web services, or successful techniques in migrating
applications, or snazzy new features of your products, I'd encourage you
to send in an abstract for this conference.

There is also more flexibility now as far as presentations. Papers are
not required, and we encourage interactive demonstrations. Proposals for
interactive panel discussions and BOF (Birds-of-a-Feather) meetings on
particular topics, like a francophone session, are also welcome.

The due date for abstracts is Oct 31, so please send in your ideas by 
then. (


Received on Friday, 21 October 2005 17:54:28 UTC