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11 Oct 2005

    See also: [2]IRC log

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           Francois, Mary, Richard, Felix

           Addison, Karunesh, Vijay




      * [3]Topics
          1. [4]Agenda/Action Items/Announcements (5 minutes)
          2. [5]CSS 2.1 response [$1\47] (10 minutes)
          3. [6]LTLI (5 minutes)
          4. [7]WS-I18N (5 minutes)
          5. [8]CharMod Normalization, IRI, etc. (10 minutes)
          6. [9]Other business
      * [10]Summary of Action Items


    1. Agenda/Action Items/Announcements (5 minutes)

    2. CSS 2.1 response [$1\47] (10 minutes)

    3. LTLI (5 minutes)

    4. WS-I18N (5 minutes)

    5. CharMod Normalization, IRI, etc. (10 minutes)

    6. Other business

Agenda/Action Items/Announcements (5 minutes)

    fs: transition request for time zone wd (done)
    ... time zone note

    fs: still have to write request chard mod norm (pending)

    other pending action items:

    FS: Create xml:lang Wiki page

    AP: send email to WSCG about TP meeting

CSS 2.1 response [$1\47] (10 minutes)



    Mail from Bjoern H.:


    AP: "I suggest that we hold the line on this item and threaten to  
object to
    their exit from CR if they don't include IRI. "

    <scribe> ACTION: Felix to contact martin about css and IRI [recorded in

    <scribe> ACTION: Felix to write to css wg that we consider a response to
    this comment [recorded in

LTLI (5 minutes)

    Fs: still have to continue work on that doc

WS-I18N (5 minutes)

    Mary: started integrating comments from IBM
    ... AP and I will meet on Thursday about that
    ... same time as this meeting
    ... everybody who is interested can join us
    ... it is set up on alternate weeks
    ... IBM wants us to take a look at ws policy
    ... they are mostly security oriented
    ... ws-security policy have they done for quite some time

    FS: also i18n related security issues?

    Mary: no, only a framework, then domains
    ... now they have security, and they then would have a ws-i18n domain
    ... that is the direction they will work with, possibly with Microsoft

CharMod Normalization, IRI, etc. (10 minutes)

    Francois: want to add some additional language to "grandfather" what XML
    ... hope to have more time in the next weeks
    ... for charmod norm
    ... now it says you must verify normalization or have late normalization
    ... xml has decided to do char-for-char or byte-for-byte comparison  
e.g. for
    start and end tags
    ... which will fail without normalization

Other business

Summary of Action Items

    [NEW] ACTION: Felix to contact martin about css and IRI [recorded in
    [NEW] ACTION: Felix to write to css wg that we consider a response to  
    comment [recorded in

    [End of minutes]


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