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[I18N Core] Teleconference Minutes 2005-03-29

From: Addison Phillips <addison.phillips@quest.com>
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2005 14:05:02 -0800
Message-ID: <634978A7DF025A40BFEF33EB191E13BC0AD1783E@irvmbxw01.quest.com>
To: <public-i18n-core@w3.org>
Present: Addison (chair, scribe), Felix, Martin, Mary, Richard, Tex
Absent: Fran├žois

Next Meeting: 12 April 2005 @ 12 noon Pacific Time (8 PM GMT, 9 PM London, 10 PM WEST, 2 PM Central)

Accumulated Action Items:

AP: provide frag id discussion summary for next time (from HCG list)
MD: to send list to FS of things to look at/for in QT specs
FS: to check our old comment resolution in QT specs
AP: send out time options for following meetings 
AP: make adminreq request for next meeting

Former Action Items:

AP: Send list of current outstanding reviews
FY: provide CharModNorm draft for review.

-- following refer to XHTML 2.0 review responses --
-- these should not be pursued until XHTML2 Last Call issued and checked --
RI: find out how "Number" is being used to see if it is okay (#8)
RI: check with them again about #10 and its application
RI: push back on points given (#21)
TT: generate a short list of items that are language affected to see if worth pursuing (low priority, not an XHTML response)
AP: to write this response (#35c) on AcceptLang vs. hreflang, pushing back (done)
RI: push back please (#38)
AP: push back in separate email about Accept-Charset mess. Copy FY and MD first. (#5)

IRC log:

apphillips:	---

apphillips:	agenda

apphillips:	1. figure out MD's status

apphillips:	---

apphillips:	action items

apphillips:	1. list of reviews. not done

apphillips:	2. how number is being use, etc.

apphillips:	RI spoke to Stephen Pemberton of HTML WG. They will issue a Last Call on XHTML 2.0 in next few days. We will comment then. Hold all responses until LC happens and we review.

apphillips:	---

apphillips:	Proposals for changes of the datatype "anyURI", as described by xml schema

apphillips:	Felix explains the situation...

apphillips:	relation of anyURI type to IRI spec (RFC 3987)

apphillips:	i) anyURI should refer to IRI instead of XLINK

apphillips:	ii) DNS should refer to iDNS

apphillips:	iii) specific character handling

apphillips:	iv) update reference to charmod

apphillips:	martin...

apphillips:	-- should have short intro to suggest update of XMLSchema to update anyURI

apphillips:	-- should update because IRI is now normatively referenceable

apphillips:	-- in order to do so, we propose (i --> iv)

apphillips:	(discussion of #1)

apphillips:	difference between Unicode Normalization (Form C) and normalization in general

MJDuerst:	for point 1, should say that there are many more other details that are discussed in the IRI spec

apphillips:	(discussion of #2)

MJDuerst:	for 2, any reference to URI should be updated from RFC 2396 to RFC 3987

apphillips:	say internationalized domain names instead of registered

:	Tex has joined #i18n.

Zakim:	+Tex_Texin

apphillips:	drop additional text: no need to allow dropping support level. Just update the refs

apphillips:	(discussion of #3)

apphillips:	update first sentence to say (basically): you may want to point to the following para in IRI

apphillips:	say "paragraph so-and-so in sectin x.x in IRI" and then quote the para

apphillips:	(discussion of #4)

apphillips:	---

apphillips:	will we have charmod call?

apphillips:	Martin: to send out bjoern email

apphillips:	no call

apphillips:	---

apphillips:	lang/locale id 

apphillips:	---

apphillips:	WS

apphillips:	---

apphillips:	AP: frag id summary for next time

apphillips:	---

apphillips:	QT review: in progress (later in the month)

apphillips:	FS: working on it

apphillips:	> > The XML Query and XSL WGs are planning to commence a Last Call on 
 > > of their documents on April 4, 2005.  The Last Call period for the 
 > > seven documents will last for six weeks and will extend through to 
 > > 13, 2005.

apphillips:	MD: to send list to FS of things to look at/for

apphillips:	---

apphillips:	no RI, no AP, no TT

apphillips:	no FS

apphillips:	no meeting next week

apphillips:	meeting 12th

apphillips:	next meetig 12th @ noon Pacific

apphillips:	AP: send out options for following meetings

apphillips:	AP: make adminreq request

apphillips:	---

Zakim:	-[IBM]

MJDuerst:	+81 42 758 7292

Zakim:	-Martin

Zakim:	-Tex_Texin

Zakim:	-Felix

:	Felix has signed off IRC (Quit: Felix).

:	Tex has signed off IRC (Quit: Tex).

Zakim:	-Ishida

Zakim:	I18N_WG(core tf)5:00PM has ended

Zakim:	Attendees were [IBM], Ishida, Felix, Martin, Tex_Texin

:	r12a has left #i18n.

Addison P. Phillips
Globalization Architect, Quest Software

Chair, W3C Internationalization Core Working Group

Internationalization is not a feature.
It is an architecture. 

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