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[I18N Core] Teleconference Minutes 2005-03-22

From: Addison Phillips <addison.phillips@quest.com>
Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2005 16:05:02 -0800
Message-ID: <634978A7DF025A40BFEF33EB191E13BC0AB82664@irvmbxw01.quest.com>
To: <public-i18n-core@w3.org>
Present: Addison (chair, scribe), Fran├žois, Martin, Richard, Mary, Tex, Felix

Absent: none (pending sign-ups)

AP: Send list of current outstanding reviews
FY: provide CharModNorm draft for review.

-- following refer to XHTML 2.0 review responses --
RI: find out how "Number" is being used to see if it is okay (#8)
RI: check with them again about #10 and its application
RI: push back on points given (#21)
TT: generate a short list of items that are language affected to see if worth pursuing (low priority, not an XHTML response)
AP: to write this response (#35c) on AcceptLang vs. hreflang, pushing back
RI: push back please (#38)
AP: push back in separate email about Accept-Charset mess. Copy FY and MD first. (#5)


1. Welcome Felix to our Working Group and the W3C.
2. Welcome Mary "officially" :-)
3. Thanks, Richard, for making our XHTML 2.0 review as well organized as it was and taking the time to review the responses.


 [14:00] Zakim: ok, apphillips; I see I18N_WG(core tf)5:00PM scheduled to start now
[14:01] Zakim: I18N_WG(core tf)5:00PM has now started
 [14:05] apphillips: ---


[14:07] apphillips: RI: write Bjoern a response to his email in re xml:lang on <html> (was MD's)
[14:07] apphillips: done
[14:08] apphillips: AP: remind people to get AC Reps to sign them up. (and again...)
[14:08] apphillips: done
[14:08] apphillips: AP: Send list of current outstanding reviews
[14:09] apphillips: AP: send note to VBWG about lists and repost their response on member list.
[14:09] apphillips: MD: send response to VBWG response
[14:09] apphillips: done
[14:10] apphillips: AP: send a note to XMLP asking where the official responses on BTIX is and 
     noting that 18 March is probably not a good date. (done)
[14:10] apphillips: FY: provide CharModNorm draft for review.
[14:10] fyergeau: zakim, unmute me
[14:10] Zakim: fyergeau should no longer be muted
[14:11] fyergeau: zakim, mute me
[14:11] Zakim: fyergeau should now be muted
[14:11] apphillips: Study XHTML 2.0 comments for any causes of concern
[14:11] apphillips: ---
[14:11] apphillips: 2. Announcements (5 minutes)
[14:11] apphillips: Introducing Felix
[14:11] apphillips: Joined the Team last week
[14:11] apphillips: still transitioning
[14:12] apphillips: will be full time last week of April
[14:12] apphillips: .
[14:13] apphillips: (Felix introduces himself and his background)
[14:13] apphillips: Welcome Felix!
[14:13] apphillips: -
[14:13] felix: Nice to meet you all!
[14:13] apphillips: ---
[14:13] apphillips: 3. CharMod/Langtags/WS-i18n status (5 minutes)
[14:14] apphillips: 1/3 of the answers to Bjoern (approximately) written by MD
[14:17] apphillips: draft-ietf-ltru-registry-00

NB> Links to documents are at http://www.inter-locale.com (Addison's personal website)

[14:18] apphillips: ---
[14:19] apphillips: potential members...
[14:20] apphillips: ---
[14:20] apphillips: 4. XHTML response discussion (15 minutes)

NB> Links:

Review: http://www.w3.org/International/2004/10/xhtml2-i18n-review.html
RI: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-i18n-core/2005JanMar/0097.html
Response: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-i18n-core/2005JanMar/0089.html

[14:26] apphillips: talking about #8
[14:26] apphillips: NUMBER attribute type
[14:26] apphillips: (imported from XML 1.0)
 [14:27] apphillips:  The following attribute types (defined in the XML 1.0 Recommendation) 
[14:28] apphillips: #8 refers to the SECOND table (where there is a "Number")
[14:28] apphillips: this one says digits and is unclear
 [14:28] apphillips: RI: find out how "Number" is being used to see if it is okay
[14:29] apphillips: --
[14:29] apphillips: #8a
[14:29] apphillips: #10
[14:31] apphillips: A meta-collection of all the other collections, including the Core, I18N, Events, Edit, Embedding, Map, Metainformation, Style, Bi-directional, and Hypertext attribute collections.
[14:33] apphillips: RI: check with them again about #10 and its application
[14:34] apphillips: #21
[14:35] apphillips: only addresses dislike of title attribute but not the expansion problem
[14:35] apphillips: (in which title is used to contain the expansion of an abbr)
[14:37] apphillips: proposed: RI: push back on points given
[14:37] apphillips: #22
[14:37] apphillips: they removed the pronunciation problem rather than solve
[14:39] apphillips: raise issue of a more coordinated solution
[14:39] apphillips: #25
[14:40] apphillips: (quotes): should the quote element generate quote marks or not?
[14:42] apphillips: Martin points out that UA would have to either be required to have a specific default stylesheet or to implement the content. Neither desirable.
[14:43] apphillips: improve example?
[14:44] apphillips: and possibly cite use of stylesheet as a possible solution
[14:45] apphillips: tex: range of language affected changes (emph, quot, etc.)
[14:49] apphillips: TT: generate a short list of items to see if worth pursuing
[14:49] apphillips: (note current distraction level)
[14:50] apphillips: #35c
[14:50] apphillips: this is the acceptlang thing
[14:50] apphillips: vs. hreflang
[14:53] apphillips: push back: we do not agree
 [14:53] apphillips: (Martin proposed)
[14:54] apphillips: assertion behavior replaced.
[14:54] apphillips: AP: to write this response
 [14:55] apphillips: #38
 [14:55] apphillips: # It would be appropriate to provide a way of declaring the primary language of the document in the document itself, because we understand that a meta element with Content-Type declaration cannot be used any more? This would retain such information even if the document was not pulled from a server, eg. read from CD. (Note that the xml:lang attribute cannot fill this function for multilingual docs because (a) it's possible to construct documents such that the primary languages are not readily discernable by inspection, (b) it only takes a single value at a time.) 
[14:56] apphillips: HTML says they would prefer if XML solved this generally
[14:57] apphillips: Martin: HTML/XHTML etc. each solve problem of putting metadata ito a document
[14:58] apphillips: Richard: read the meta module again. there is a way to do it.
[14:59] MJDuerst: Dublin Core, or dc
[14:59] MJDuerst: http://dublincore.org/
[15:00] MJDuerst: http://dublincore.org/documents/dces/
[15:00] MJDuerst: Label:

[15:00] MJDuerst: Definition:
A language of the intellectual content of the resource.

[15:00] MJDuerst: Comment:
Recommended best practice is to use RFC 3066 [RFC3066] which, in conjunction with ISO639 [ISO639]), defines two- and three-letter primary language tags with optional subtags. Examples include "en" or "eng" for English, "akk" for Akkadian", and "en-GB" for English used in the United Kingdom.
[15:01] apphillips: RI: push back please
[15:01] apphillips: #42a
[15:01] apphillips: the "about" thing
 [15:03] apphillips: fy asks: will they drive Accept-Charset from one of the attributes
[15:03] fyergeau: > 5: Accept. This will cause the value of the encoding 
[15:03] fyergeau: > attribute to be used in the accept-charset field of the HTTP 
[15:03] fyergeau: > headers, in order to give priority to that encoding when 
[15:03] fyergeau: > requesting the document.
[15:03] apphillips: md/fy suggested previously that this was a bad idea.
[15:04] apphillips: md/fy: it is useless/'braindead'
[15:05] apphillips: AP: push back in sepearate email.
[15:05] apphillips: (will write to MD/FY first)
[15:06] apphillips: --- thanks Richard for your hard work on this
[15:06] apphillips: ---

 [15:07] Zakim: I18N_WG(core tf)5:00PM has ended
[15:07] Zakim: Attendees were apphillips, [IPcaller], fyergeau, [IBM], Mary, Keio, Tex_Texin, Martin, Ishida

Addison P. Phillips
Globalization Architect, Quest Software

Chair, W3C Internationalization Core Working Group

Internationalization is not a feature.
It is an architecture. 

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