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here is my draft that I took an action to produce; note the three 
references need completing with appropriate URIs. The example is a bit 
naff and could be improved.

I think a short para on how the Carroll and Phillips document has 
already proved useful would add to this.

The SWBPD agenda is at
the new activities item is at 14.30 Friday, maybe Martin should offer to 
attend if he is available.



Subject: RFC 3066bis and the Semantic Web

Dear SW Best Practices and Deployment WG,

we understand that at your face-to-face meeting you will be
Review of TF list:
- new activities
This message suggests work, for later in the year, on formalizing in OWL 
the ontology of language identification used in the language tags in RFC 
3066bis, [1] and its sister document ??? [2]

RFC 3066bis is entering the final stages of the IETF standardization 
process, and we hope for approval in the 3-6 month time scale.

RFC 3066bis formalizes the generative use of subtags to indicate 
different language features of a text string.

For instance, the RDF literal:
"Semantic Web Best Practices"@en-latn-US
  indicates that the string is:
+ in english (primary tag "en")
+ in latin script (first subtag "latn")
+ in the US geographic variation (second subtag "US")

An approach to linking RFC 3066bis and OWL, taken by Carroll and 
Phillips [3], is to introduce classes of literals corresponding to each 
language tag and to represent the relationships between the classes 
using OWL class expressions and property restrictions.

Related issues considered in [3] include:
+ language tags within rdf:XMLLiterals
+ grandfathered (deprecated) language tags from RFC 3066 and RFC 1766
+ including language ranges such as "*-latn-*" in the ontology

We encourage the SWBPD to consider work in this area; such work is 
probably best started after the approval of RFC 3066bis by the IETF.

Addison Phillips ...

[1] RFC 3066 bis URL
[2] language range URL
[3] Carroll and Phillips URL (version on Addison's website with correct 
Japanese chars)

Received on Tuesday, 1 March 2005 22:37:32 UTC