anyURI tests in the XML Schema test suite

Dear i18n-core:

I took an action from the XML CG some time back:
>ACTION: DE look at the schema test suite for anyURI tests, and determine 
>which ones already test IRI or could be extended to test IRI.

While there are tests in the XML Schema test suite for anyURI, it doesn't appear that any of them do anything specific as far as testing for conformance with RFC 2396.  That means the tests should work as well for IRIs as they do currently for URIs.  

Further, the XML Schema WG continues to discuss how to support RFC 3897 in XML Schema 1.1.  Once that's settled, we can consider upgrading the tests.  Help in formulating the tests is always welcome :-) [1].

Best regards,
David Ezell
Chair, XML Schema WG


Received on Wednesday, 1 June 2005 17:25:06 UTC