[I18N Core] Teleconference Minutes 2005-05-24


AP: add a page with links to all review comments to the Web site.
FS: find references in CharMod for QT to cite/import
FY: draft text about case and language to replace comment #9 (reference SpecialCasing in the UCD)
AP: Arrange a time on Friday to complete the QT review.

IRC Log: 

Zakim: ok, fyergeau; that matches I18N_Core_WG()11:00AM
Zakim: +[IBM]
Zakim: -[IPcaller]
Zakim: +Keio
Zakim: +Ishida
 Zakim: On the phone I see [IBM], Keio, Ishida, apphillips
Zakim: On IRC I see fyergeau, r12a, fsasaki, apphillips
r12a: zakim, nobody is fyergeau
Zakim: sorry, r12a, I do not recognize a party named 'nobody'
apphillips: felix: sent QT comments. Not everything has shown on the list

fsasaki: http://www.w3.org/International/2005/05/mail2qt-wgs.txt

apphillips: http://www.w3.org/International/2005/02/qt-review-overview.html

apphillips: http://www.w3.org/International/2005/02/xq-func-op-review.html

apphillips: AP: add a page with links to all review comments

QT Comment review....
apphillips: #5

apphillips: remove "code points" and approve (use term "supplemental characters"

apphillips: new comment: the text just about 7.2 should be much clearer and not really go into the mechanics of UTF-16

r12a: s/supplemental/supplementary/

apphillips: ref in charmod?

apphillips: FS: find references in CharMod for them to cite/import to replace the problematic note

r12a: see section 4.1 of charmod

apphillips: ---

apphillips: #6

fsasaki: http://www.w3.org/2005/04/xpath-functions/collation/codepoint

apphillips: discussion: collation identifiers and lack of progress

apphillips: "it would be good if there were standard collation ids, but there aren't"

apphillips: This specification does not define whether or not the collation URI is dereferenced. The collation URI may be an abstract identifier, or it may refer to an actual resource describing the collation. If it refers to a resource, this specification does not define the nature of that resource.

apphillips: XSLT 2: using xml:lang used for collation still

apphillips: we need to take an action item to deal with collations?

apphillips: remove comment, but note that standard URIs for collation is necessary

apphillips: if/when we provide then F&O will be provisioned to use them

apphillips: s/then/them

apphillips: drop #6

apphillips: ---

apphillips: #7:update Charmod refs

apphillips: ---

apphillips: #8: concat

apphillips: normalization problems

apphillips: C302   [S]  [I]  A text-processing component that receives suspect text  SHOULD NOT perform any normalization-sensitive operations unless it has first confirmed through inspection that the text is in normalized form, and MUST NOT normalize the suspect text. Private agreements MAY, however, be created within private systems which are not subject to these rules, but any externally observable results SHOULD be the same as if the rules had been obeyed.

apphillips: C303   [I]  A text-processing component which modifies text and performs normalization-sensitive operations SHOULD behave as if normalization took place after each modification, so that any subsequent normalization-sensitive  operations always behave as if they were dealing with normalized text.

apphillips: C309   [S]  Specifications that define a mechanism (for example an API or a defining language) for producing textual data object SHOULD require that the final output of this mechanism be normalized.

apphillips: EXAMPLE: XSL Transformations [XSLT] and the DOM Load & Save specification [DOM3 LS] are examples of specifications that define text output and that should specify that this output be in normalized form.

apphillips: approved

apphillips: ---

apphillips: new comment: SpecialCasing.txt

apphillips: provide exact text

apphillips: FY: draft comment

apphillips: ---

apphillips: #10: normalization

apphillips: also add: point to CharMod-Norm

apphillips: UAX#15? not necessary if CharModNorm

apphillips: approved with changes

apphillips: ---

apphillips: #11: XLink->IRI

apphillips: approved

apphillips: ---

apphillips: #12: regex

apphillips: UTF#18

apphillips: UTS#18

r12a: http://www.unicode.org/reports/tr18/

apphillips: remove this comment, new comment: pointer to UTS18

apphillips: ---

apphillips: #13 obsolete

apphillips: ---

apphillips: #14: str->markup??

: fyergeau has signed off IRC (Quit: Leaving).

fsasaki: http://www.w3.org/TR/xslt20/#character-maps

apphillips: change to put in a note

apphillips: FS: draft something

apphillips: ---

apphillips: "the Web breaking down barriers in Europe"

fsasaki: http://www.lpl.univ-aix.fr/projects/multext/

fsasaki: corpora from multext: http://www.lpl.univ-aix.fr/projects/multext/MUL4.html

fsasaki: now encoded in xml

apphillips: ---

apphillips: time on Friday

Addison P. Phillips
Globalization Architect, Quest Software

Chair, W3C Internationalization Core Working Group

Internationalization is not a feature.
It is an architecture. 

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