RE: Comments on qt-suite

Thanks for responding (and indeed for taking the time to make the comments).
I've just added my personal observations in cases where I felt I had
something to say. Sorry if one or two of these were a bit irritable - the
frustration is largely because I thought we had discussed the issue in the
past and had gained agreement on the point in question (or just because
there are some topics that after five years I can't face discussing any

Michael Kay

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> Hi Michael,
> Please continue with responses to my comments. As I said, so 
> far these 
> are personal comments, based on Martin's comments etc. We 
> will have an 
> i18n-core-wg telecon next week (Tuesday), where we will reach final 
> consensus on our comments. On that telecon, we also will take into 
> account the responses you are making now. The reason that I 
> have entered 
> the comments into bugzilla now is that currently I and Richard at the 
> www2005 conference, so we cannot finish the comments until 
> May 13. Liam 
> said it would be helpful to have the comments in Bugzilla as soon as 
> possible.
> Best regard, Felix.

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