Review Radar Update: FW: Multimodal Architecture and Interfaces, first public WD


I have updated our Review Radar to include the following minor item. Current outstanding critical reviews include the QT suite (XPath, XQuery, XSL-FO, XSLT, etc.) and SVG 1.2 Tiny (Core).

Please contribute to the Internationalization Core WG's review efforts.

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It is an architecture. 

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> Subject: Multimodal Architecture and Interfaces, first public WD
> Dear Chairs,
> The Multimodal Interaction Working Group has just
> published a first Working Draft describing an overall
> architecture for multimodal interaction, "Multimodal
> Architecture and Interfaces" [1]. Although this is just
> the first publication of this WD, any feedback that other WG's
> might have on this document at this early stage in its
> development would be extremely valuable and would be much appreciated.
> Abstract:
> This document describes a loosely coupled architecture
> for multimodal user interfaces, which allows for co-resident
> and distributed implementations, and focuses on the role of
> markup and scripting, and the use of well defined interfaces
> between its constituents.
> We would particularly value comments from the following WG's:
> Voice Browser
> Device Independence
> Compound Documents
> Timed Text
> Please send your comments to the Multimodal Interaction
> public mailing list:
> As this is not a Last Call, we don't have a defined deadline for
> comments; however, any comments that we receive before our upcoming
> face to face (May 25-26) would be especially useful.
> best regards,
> Debbie Dahl, MMI WG Chair
> [1] MMI Architecture:

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