XSCD component designators review


I have read this LC document.

A draft personal and/or SWBPD WG review is at:

Of these comments I suggest the following one should be made by the I18N 
Core WG, probably rephrased and strengthened to emphasize the need to 
refer to the IRI RFC.

Section 3.2 first para, and normative refs
Suggest update ref to RFC 2396bis with ref to RFC 3986,
or maybe 3987, since the names of schema components can and often do
use characters outside the ASCII set supported by 3986, and the IRI RFC
is closer to the xs:anyURI type (minor differences to do with spaces etc)

The relevant para being commented on is:

[Definition: A canonical schema component designator is an absolute 
schema component designator that is a URI that has been normalized 
according to the rules given in the update to RFC2396 and where the 
relative schema component designator consists of an xmlns XPointer 
pointer part (if required) followed by a canonicalized xscd XPointer 
pointer part. ]


On further consideration, the rest of the doc is unclear whether it is 
intended to include IRIs, and what to do with non-ASCII chars in XML 
Schema names as the URIs (sic) are being constructed.

If a Core WG participant rephrases this as an appropriate WG comment,  I 
will double check that it fits with my reading of the doc.


Received on Thursday, 21 April 2005 15:52:53 UTC