RE: XML Schema: Component Designators Last Call

Sure thing. BTW, I started one on that spec as well.

The basic guidelines on an I18N review are that you should send your comments to this list, where the WG will adopt them (intact or with editorial changes) individually as appropriate. You should try to break out internationalization comments from non-internationalization comments to the degree possible. 

Please number your comments and include references to the specific location in text that you are commenting on. Quote liberally.

Otherwise, have at it with our deep thanks.

We will greatly appreciate any work you do on the QT suite as well. The time for that review is short and the documents are many and long!


Addison P. Phillips
Globalization Architect, Quest Software
Chair, W3C Internationalization Core Working Group

Internationalization is not a feature.
It is an architecture. 

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> Subject: XML Schema: Component Designators Last Call
> I am doing a Last Call review of
> on behalf of the Semantic Web Best Practices and Deployment WG.
> I could try and identify I18N issues (if any), most likely would be
> interactions with IRI rfc (which unfortunately I don't know well).
> Any interest?
> Also any guides for doing an I18N review?
> (I will also volunteer to review some of the XQuery/XSLT/XPath suite for
> SWBPD; and likewise could try to identify I18N issues when doing so)
> Jeremy

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