Re: [css3-writing-modes] Character's intrinsic orientation

Hi Fantasai,

	One thing that struck me with Appendix C and the previous draft
is that there is no explicit reference to UAX#44 and the General_Category property 
that I can see.

	The prose in Appendix C says things like:

"4.Set spaces (Zs), dashes (Pd), connectors (Pc), ..."

	and assumes the reader knows this is a reference to UAX#44 or whatever.
UAX#24 and UAX#11 are explicitly mentioned in the draft so the discussion about
'fullwidth' and 'script' makes sense.

	It would be nice to point out that this refers to the General Category
property of the characters at least the first time it is referenced.


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>Hi Eric,
>Koji and Murakami-san and I tried to address some of your comments in the Writing Modes
>spec. The updated draft is at
>(A snapshot should appear at
>The particular text in question is at
>Please let us know if this is going in the right direction and if you have any further
>comments and suggestions.

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