Re: [i18n-drafts] [questions/qa-personal-names] Generational name (#354)

Here are my replies to your comments:

[1] I think this hinges on the definition of 'given name', and unfortunately i don't think there's a particularly unambiguous definition if you look at various sources.  The way i used it here is quite well summed up by the Wikipedia article about [given name](), which says (my emphasis):

> A given name (also known as a **first name** or forename) is **the part of a [personal name]( that identifies a person**, potentially with a [middle name]( as well, and **differentiates that person from the other members of a group** (typically a [family]( or [clan]( who have a common [surname](

The name Ze doesn't distinguish a person from others in this case, so i didn't refer to it as the 'given' name.

[2] I accept that the generational name doesn't usually apply to all siblings, but in this case it does apply to both his brothers and his sister (ie. all _his_ siblings).  So perhaps there's some additional information that could be added about the use of generational names, but i think that the sentence as it stands is correct.


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