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== Missing available language/locales feature? ==
Human Readable Metadata

> Another possibility to set the default language is through a language negotiation mechanism, such as the Accept-Language header field of HTTP. In cases where the default language has been negotiated, an @language member MUST be present to indicate the result of the negotiation and the corresponding default language of the returned content. When the default language has been negotiated successfully, TD documents SHOULD include the appropriate matching values for the members title and description in preference to MultiLanguage objects in titles and descriptions members. Note however that Things MAY choose to not support such dynamically-generated TDs nor to support language negotiation (e.g., because of resource constraints). 

This section discusses the "default language". The above quote is only an example of some of the discussion. 

There is no feature that allows a Thing to indicate what languages are available for language-negotiation or what locales are available. Having a list of available languages or available locales (and these are not necessarily the same thing) would allow the user-agent calling the Thing's interfaces to provide an appropriate `Accept-Language` header or otherwise tailor the request so that the end-user's experience most closely matches their language and locale preferences.

While a multilanguage map is somewhat indicative of available languages, it is often the case that the localization depends on language fallback to avoid bloating the data. In other words, instead of providing separate translations for various (for example French) locales like `fr-FR`, `fr-BE`, `fr-CA`, `fr-CH`, etc., there is only a language value for `fr` (French) provided. However, specifying a fully qualified locale gives a better overall experience, since regional locale variations affect the formatting of numbers, dates, etc.


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