[jlreq] [simple-ruby] "Treating group ruby as jukugo" seems odd (#194)

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== [simple-ruby] "Treating group ruby as jukugo" seems odd ==
3.3 Placement of group-ruby > BP #5 > NOTE

>  As group-ruby is treated as a unit, there is no wrap opportunity. However, in some exceptional cases where it is wrapped, it is then processed similarly to jukugo-ruby. 

Really??   Isn't it then jukugo-ruby rather than group-ruby, by definition?  It's certainly difficult to know how to implement this without more details surrounding which cases we're talking about.

Perhaps that sentence should either be removed, or changed to say something like: Jukugo-ruby can often look like group-ruby, but allows for text to be wrapped inside the unit.

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