Re: [iip] Independent vowels are confusing (#95)

This is not a Gurmukhi-specific issue. All Indic script encoded with the ISCII model suffer from this issue, for example, Devanagari आ ≠ अ + ा. A mismatch between phonetic segmentation (the base of the ISCII model) and graphic segmentation of text.

The only special aspect in Gurmukhi is that, the three vowel-sign carriers (not “independent vowels”) recognized by the native analysis as letters are not all used as independent vowels (ie, ੳ and ੲ being non-independent-vowel vowel-sign-carrier native letters).

But from a confusability’s point of view, ੳ and ੲ are just two directly encoded letters (and thus accessible to users when inputting). Gurmukhi ਉ ≠ ੳ + ੁ isn’t quite different from Malayalam ഓ ≠ ഒ + ാ.

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Received on Saturday, 7 March 2020 11:44:52 UTC