Re: [clreq] Remove some checkme in pinyin sections (#263)

The question for me is how one handles punctuation in annotations when using the word-based approach (ie. using group-ruby for words). There appear to be three alternatives in the samples we have seen in this thread:

[1] Add punctuation to the annotations by attaching an annotation over the punctuation in the base text (only), like this:
<img width="545" alt="75141037-14a83680-572b-11ea-9a83-a1cf19419842" src="">

[2] Don't add an annotation to the punctuation in the base line: add the punctuation instead to the previous annotation, like this:
<img width="545" alt="75141016-0a863800-572b-11ea-9d36-1cfddfc432d4" src="">

[3] Group the base text punctuation with the preceding han character(s) and annotate both/all as a unit, like this:
![Screenshot 2020-02-25 at 11 56 47](

Are all of these approaches ok?  Is it just down to the author as to which is chosen?

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