Re: [clreq] Need to tailor UAX #14 for line-breaking with quotation marks (#245)

In the description for QU:

> Some quotation characters can be opening or closing, or even both, depending on usage. The default is to treat them as both opening and closing.
> [...]
> Note: If language information is available, it can be used to determine which character is used as the opening quote and which as the closing quote. See the information in Section 6.2, General Punctuation, in [Unicode]. In such a case, the quotation marks could be tailored to either OP or CL depending on their actual usage.

And css-text also allows the UA to determine the set of line-breaking restrictions to use, so it allows for this kind of tailoring indeed.

[Testing]( in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, it seems that browsers already treat the quotation marks as OP and CL when the text is in Chinese (try changing the lang to `de` and see the result for comparison). I think we can close this issue, if this rule does not need to be added to the css line-break rule (I agree that specifying this kind of thing in css-text is not practical).

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Received on Friday, 21 February 2020 01:02:00 UTC