[iip] Text units for letter-spacing are incorrect (#81)

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== Text units for letter-spacing are incorrect ==
 Tamil is an alphasyllabary in nature and Akshar is the writing system to write the language. It is very common in the Tamil script to represent/brake words based on Akshara, which is instinctively recognized by users of the script. The same requirement is given here.

As the W3C specification points to Unicode Text Segmentation (TR 29), it is observed that most of the browsers support it (e.g. Chrome and Firefox) when word is spaced by akshar.
Also, in cases where there is wrong Akshara formation e.g. Consonant+Matra+Matra, the breaking seems to stack ill formed akshara into one set instead of clearly breaking it separate. This breaking behaviour needs to improve.

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Received on Tuesday, 4 February 2020 18:38:08 UTC