Re: [i18n-drafts] [tests/repo/results/css-ruby] Is the-dir-attribute-069.html correct? (#235)

I'm inclined to agree with @tphamg that this test is at odds with the spec text, and i suspect that the behaviour expected by the test may be incorrect (even though it seems to be supported by 3 major browsers).

The relevant test code is this:

<div dir="rtl">
<p dir="auto">@123!</p>

Apart from the ordering of characters on the line, the test expects the sequence @123! to appear to the left of the line (since dir=ltr), whereas the spec expects it to appear to the right (since the context is rtl).

The ramifications of this can be seen in a set of paras in a RTL context, where one para has no strong directional character.  Should the list look like this (per test):

![Screenshot 2020-01-07 at 14 03 26](

Or like this (per spec):

![Screenshot 2020-01-07 at 14 03 41](

This is one of the tests created by Aharon and @matial. Mati, any thoughts?

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