Re: [clreq] Behavior of double-clicking on Chinese text (#301)

Speaking from my experience, I don't really have any expectation on double clicking behavior as they usually doesn't work.
However, if it is to be made work, while I cannot answer whether 她/哭/了 or 她/哭了 is more desired, I can say in other sentence with same structure, 她/抵擋/了 is more favorable than 她/抵擋/了. That is because 抵擋 here is a vocabulary (verb), while the 了 is just another additional element that represent the starus of the word.
Now, I can't personally tell whether the same citcunstances should also applies to one-character-words, because some might expect double click to select more than one character and include the supplementary element (狀語 or 補語) in selection in case the word is only a one-character-word? I don't know how most people expected it to function in such case.

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Received on Saturday, 23 May 2020 09:37:38 UTC