[clreq] Cleaning unnecessary "Notes" (#284)

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== Cleaning unnecessary "Notes" ==
There are too much "Notes" in current version, need to be cleaned, either deleted, or merge into body text, here are some lists that I propose:

§ 2.1.1 
Note 1 is better to be main body text instead of note.

§ 2.2.3
Note for Kaiti is better to merge into the paragraph above.

§ should be merged into the line above.
Note 1 is important for Ruby layout, so better written into body text instead of note.

§ 2.4.2 
Note 1 and 3 can be changed into main text.

§  书名号 
Note should be merged into the second paragraph.

§  专名 
Note should be merged into the first paragraph

Note should be merged into the paragraph above

These 2 notes are quite important, are better to be mentioned as main text.

This note is actually explaining what is 轻声, not necessary here, can be deleted.

§ 3.4.4
These 2 notes are not necessary? 孤行/孤字 in Chinese looks similar with "orphan/widow" in Latin text but they are different.

§ 4.1.1 
There are 5 notes here, note 2, 3, 4, 5 should be rewritten and merged into main text.

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