Re: [i18n-activity] Unicode normalization conformance requirement may not be appropriate (#871)

Revision per my [action item]( for discussion in this week's teleconference (agenda+):


Conformance: Unicode normalization

> Implementations of this specification must not normalize Unicode text during processing.

>>For example, a cue with an identifier consisting of the characters U+0041 LATIN CAPITAL LETTER A followed by U+030A COMBINING RING ABOVE (a decomposed character sequence), or the character U+212B ANGSTROM SIGN (a compatibility character), will not match a selector targeting a cue with an ID consisting of the character U+00C5 LATIN CAPITAL LETTER A WITH RING ABOVE (a precomposed character).

Unicode normalization is only one consideration that affects processing of WebVTT and its operations (such as the matching of cue identifiers). While this requirement is consistent with our recommendations, we'd suggest that you take a more expansive approach as documented in our document Charmod-norm, particularly [section 3.1]( Unless there is a special reason that our WG is unaware of, WebVTT is not especially sensitive to variations.


For the working group: should we work on providing a canned reference and health warning for specifications to include (and put it into our spec guidelines as well as charmod?). Right now we don't provide super-direct guidance on what spec authors should say. Is that a gap?

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