Re: [bp-i18n-specdev] Incorporated my action item and other edits (#34)

> I think we should limit this PR to just the language-specific issues (plus perhaps any typos or very small editorial fixes) and untangle it from the other edits related to characters. The stuff in the characters section needs a lot more review and i can see a number of issues - not least that we created an article to replace much of the text that is being proposed here.


I forgot that I had an open PR before I started doing my edits. When I (eventually) did a pull of changes from w3c to my private repo and did the merge, I mistakenly merged the character changes. That change needs to be removed. In our private email conversation, I noted that I hadn't created a PR (because I noticed that I needed to make the change) but apparently had this PR already open. I will remove the character changes and we should be good to merge. (The only other change should be the respec fix)

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