Re: [predefined-counter-styles] New counting style proposal: Ideographic counting mark (#19)

The Unicode document referenced by Ken Lunde's blog above is - it refers to four tally styles:

* tally
* box tally
* ideographic tally
* dot-dash tally

"cjk-tally-mark" covers the third, and I don't think that "box tally" and "dot-dash tally" have been encoded in Unicode (yet?). But the first has - for consistency shouldn't it be added as well? It would be

@counter-style tally-mark {
  system: additive;
  additive-symbols: 5 '\1D378', 1 '\1D377'; /* symbols: 5 𝍸, 1 𝍷; */
  suffix: ' ';

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Received on Tuesday, 27 August 2019 09:00:29 UTC