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== Case-sensitivity in accesskey ==
6.5.2 The accesskey attribute

> If specified, the value must be an ordered set of unique space-separated tokens **that are case-sensitive**, each of which must be exactly one code point in length.

I ran some tests using https://w3c.github.io/i18n-tests/html/editing/assigning-keyboard-shortcuts/the-accesskey-attribute/exp_accesskey_000 with the following results.

Set accesskey value to 'S', and type 's' 

has an effect on Chrome, Safari, and Firefox on both Mac and Windows. (Although Firefox requires Alt+Shift+key on Windows, so that result is not so clear cut.)  So it seems that none of these browsers respects the case-sensitive part of the above spec text for ASCII text.

set the value to ‘Σ’ (upper case Greek), and type ‘σ’ using a Greek keyboard

- [ ] it doesn’t work in Safari (but does with shift)
- [ ] it does work in Firefox (but not with shift)
- [ ] it works in Chrome (whether or not shifted)
- [ ] tbd

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