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== The Profiles Ontology (dx-prof) > 2018-12-18 ==
The Profiles Ontology



The Profiles Ontology is an RDF vocabulary to describe profiles of (one or more) standards for information resources. It describes the general pattern of narrowing the scope of a specification with additional, but consistent, constraints, and is particularly relevant to data exchange situations where conformance to such profiles is expected and carries additional context. The Profiles Ontology enables profile descriptions to specify the role of resources related to data exchange such as schemas, ontologies, rules about use of controlled vocabularies, validation tools, and guidelines. The ontology may however be used to describe the role of artifacts in any situation where constraints are made on a the usage of more general specifications. The namespace for PROF terms is defined in Section 3: Namespaces, and the vocabulary terms in Section 7: Vocabulary Specification.

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