Re: [alreq] What tools can be used for writing HTML source code with bidi text?

>     1. At least one person i know uses an editor that doesn't know anything about the Unicode bidi algorithm or RTL support.  He writes short lengths of text in the normal Unicode order, but of course has to read them backwards (ie. LTR) in the source code itself.

I too sometimes use such kind of editor, for example "Sublime Text". To edit a small part of a source to make very fine and localized corrections, which are difficult in Wysiwyg or HTML source with BIDI. 


1. HTML source without Bidi (real memory source)
2. Same source with Bidi applied
3. Same as above without  `  ` 

Rendering is

It is not easy to add, say, ` ` in the third case above. More easy to do it in source-1 than in source-2. 

That said, my normal HTML ├ęditor is a Wysiwyg one. BlueGriffon in this case. Even to touch the source when it is easy (most of the time).

Of course, put bidi text content in a separate line than markup, is the tip for easy edit sometimes. 

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