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== Sorting nodes alphabetically is underspecified ==
1.24. The MediaStreamAudioSourceNode Interface

> This interface represents an audio source from a MediaStream. The track that will be 
> used as the source of audio and will be output from this node is the first MediaStreamTrack 
> whose kind attribute has the value "audio", when alphabetically sorting the tracks of 
> this MediaStream by their id attribute.

Sorting alphabetically seems to be underspecified. Given that MediaStreamTrack `id` attributes are recommended to be UUIDs and that the "alphabetic" sorting appears to be an arbitrary way to prioritize the item selection, defining the comparison as [ASCII case-insensitive](http://w3c.github.io/charmod-norm/#ASCIIFoldNormalizationStep) might be a good choice. However, since there is no actual restriction on what the values can be, I'd suggest that you replace "alphabetically" with ordering by code point (which means that it is case-sensitive, please note)

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