Re: [clreq] Position of ruby, text-emphasis, under/overline, etc in vertical-LR writing mode

thanks @huchunming. This morning i had a discussion with @bobbytung , @ethantw  and @ryukeikun. Here's a summary of what i took away from the discussion. (Happy to be corrected on any point.) These notes are only about vertical text.

1. For subtitling, no-one has seen vertical-lr, and very little vertical-rl in chinese too.

2. Straight or wavy lines alongside the text are mostly used for things such as book-title or name highlighting, rather than for emphasis like in Latin-script text underlines. Lines alongside vertical text should appear on the opposite side of items such as emphasis marks, ruby, etc (avoids interference), but most felt that lines (straight or wavy) always appear to the left of the vertical line.

3. Emphasis marks (eg. dots) by default appear on the left side, but could be right.

4. Bopomofo ruby always appears on the right side, and pinyin ruby or hanzi ruby normally appear on the right too.

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Received on Thursday, 23 March 2017 12:27:39 UTC