[i18n-activity] Sideways shouldn't be tied to tblr vs tbrl

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== Sideways shouldn't be tied to tblr vs tbrl ==
10.2.46 tts:textOrientation

> If the value of this attribute is sideways, then, in vertical writing modes, glyphs from horizontal scripts are set sideways, either 90° clockwise or 90° counter-clockwise, according to whether the writing mode is tbrl or tblr, respectively. Glyphs from vertical scripts are not affected.

It's not clear to me why the tbrl and tblr settings should systematically trigger this difference in orientation unless this behaviour is intended to be used only for vertical lines of horizontal scripts.  For that, see my other recommendation that new values for writing-mode would be more appropriate, since just changing the orientation of characters doesn't address issues related to where the line start is or how to make, say, Latin text progress in the right direction along the line when tblr is the writing-mode value.

@kojiishii @fantasai another one for your review.

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