[alreq] new commits pushed by behnam

The following commits were just pushed by behnam to https://github.com/w3c/alreq:

* Update character tables by using number symbols

Following the discussion at #49, I updated the generation scripts to
go through number symbols part of the CLDR (using ICU4J) to add some
missing punctuations.
  by Mostafa Hajizadeh

* Use character name for alt text of control characters

In the character tables, control characters are represented by images,
but the alt texts of the images are the characters themselves, which can
not be read. This update changes the alt texts to the names of the

Fixes #66.
  by Mostafa Hajizadeh

* New language symbols for the character tables

The old symbols were not obvious enough. This new symbols help are
easier to understand.

This fixes #52.
  by Mostafa Hajizadeh

* Character tables: add tooltip for language columns

Small tooltips appear when hovering over language symbols to better
eplxain them.
  by Mostafa Hajizadeh

* Character tables: Don't exclude ASCII

ASCII characters (U+0000 - U+007F) were being excluded out of our
character tables. This commit reverts that.

This solves a few of the problems mentioned in #49.
  by Mostafa Hajizadeh

* Merge pull request #89 from mostafah/update-char-tables

Updates to character tables
  by Behnam Esfahbod

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