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== Ditto Mark in Arabic script ==
In handwritten Persian text, a symbol similar to **double quotation 
mark** is used as the Ditto Mark.

In movable-type Persian text, sometimes, **right-pointing double angle
 quotation mark** (U+00BB) is used as the Ditto Mark. Here's an 
example from Persian Grammer (by Parviz Natel-Khanlari):
![screenshot from 2017-02-27 

IMHO, the angle marks are used instead of non-angle marks only 
* following the English tradition of using **double quotation mark**, 
and usually using the angle marks in place of any quotation marks,
* **single quotation mark** or **double quotation mark** characters 
not being available in the Persian type case—therefore the need to go 
to another case, if actually needed.

I believe this is one of those things that may actually need a new 
character, eventually, as both the meaning and shape of the mark is 
different from any existing characters. Either way, we need more 
evidence from various languages.

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