Re: [alreq] Drafting “justification”

> I post here, but I wonder if it should not also be in the repository
 of samples of typographic, just created by Richard

You're posting in exactly the right place. That repo is only for 
pictures, not connected arguments.  ;-)  

> The justification with Tatweel (U+0640, ـ , small flat line) goes 
better to the first type of font (a).

Bear in mind that in a web browser the width of the text is usually 
fluid.  This is particularly problematic for justification of any text
 where the content author has added tatweels, since they will only 
work to justify the text if the window they are created in and the 
window they are viewed in are the same width exactly.

It's possible that a justification tool could add tatweel characters 
while justifying, in the way a justification tool for English would 
add spacing.  This would work, though i'm told that such results don't
 please the eye.

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Received on Tuesday, 21 February 2017 16:03:11 UTC